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What is a Brock Archer original digital painting?

When you shop for a Brock Archer digital painting, you have the choice of an original or an art print, but you may be wondering how a digital painting can be original. "Aren't they all printed from the same file?" Well, no, they are not. Brock Archer originals are distinct from art prints of the same image in five specific ways.

1. Size

Brock Archer originals are always the largest of a set. All the art prints are smaller.

2. Materials

While art prints are always printed on high-quality photographic paper, originals may be printed on paper, metal, canvas, or acrylic.

3. Details

Each of the layers and variables that makes up a Brock Archer original is set slightly higher or lower for art prints so that no other print has exactly the same calibrations as the original. These adjustments may seem minor, just one or two steps, but taken together, they make the original painting unique and special. (For more about layers and variables, go to How I Create.)

4. Exclusivity

When an original Brock Archer digital painting is purchased and the transaction is completed, the file is erased so that it can never be duplicated. Another talented artist may be able to emulate it, but never duplicate it. When you purchase a Brock Archer original, you are getting a one-of-a-kind work of art.

5. Mark of Distinction

Of course, every Brock Archer painting carries the artist's signature, but originals have the distinctive Brock Archer personal insignia, a stylized letter A with an arrow through it. When you see this insignia, you know that you have found a one-of-a-kind Brock Archer original work of art.

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